Tandem Sizing & Fitting

Our sizing experience goes back to literally hundreds of couples over the past 30 plus years. Because a tandem frame needs to fit two riders, the chances of finding one that will fit both riders perfectly are much lower than is the case with a solo bicycle

We will be able to make sure that your fit is as best it will be for you and your tandem.  If you currently have a tandem and wish to have advice on the fitting than this will suit you too.

When you order a tandem and you have paid for a fitting sometime before this is totally refundable. Naturally it is included as part of our service when supplying you a tandem.

Although we offer standard sizes from our suppliers and we can check for you your fit by using either the Pro Tandem-Fit as described below OR you can email our sizing data sheets (download first) for you to complete for us and then convert to our BikeCAD Pro.

Take a look at Fit Adviser for an insight in what we do with your information from the sizing data sheets.  Download our sizing data sheets here.

Tandem geometry

We use BikeCAD Pro paired with our experience & knowledge to create your tandems geometry, similar to one displayed belowto the right with measurements that are suited the way you ride.


We offer three tandem fittings

Standard Tandem-Fit – £35

The standard Tandem-Fit which ensures that your existing saddle, handlebars and pedals are all in the correct position for you on your existing tandem.

40 – 60 minutes

Semi-Pro Tandem-Fit – £70

Semi-Pro-Fit is aimed at the sportive and touring riders or triathletes with an existing tandem that needs to get comfortable and efficient positions. It extends the Tandem-Fit to include adjusting your cleats, sti/ergo shifters, tri-bar position, a more detailed analysis of your riding styles and advice on replacement equipment if needed.

60 – 90 minutes

Pro Tandem-Fit – £130

The Pro-Fit is based around how we measure you for a tandem starting with a blank sheet of paper and our sizing jig as a custom sizing. Or by setting the jig to your existing frame geometry and working around that to get the best fit. Your existing tandem can then be made to fit you by adjusting or changing stems, bars, saddle and even cranks if need be. We’ll also ensure that your cleats are set up correctly. Includes detailed drawings for you and as mentioned the fee is refunded when you place your order with us for an applicable tandem or frame. If you order at the time of the fitting then no charge is made.

90-120 minutes

  • Landescape
  • Co Motion
  • Circe
  • Ridgeback

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