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Helios Tandems are designed by Circe Cycles who are based in Cambridge and use bikes as their primary transportation. Circe wanted to design a bike to address some of the shortcomings they found by just using single bikes and tandems using 700c wheels.

Riding as a couple or as a family on single bikes is always difficult. Whether through differences in strength or experience, a potentially pleasurable experience can often become frustrating.

Helios Tandems Tandems go a long way to addressing this by using the commonly available 20" (ISO 406) wheel size, Circe were able to design a frame that was both compact for storage, transportation and manoeuvrability and very adaptable for different height riders - easily and quickly accommodating sizes from a small child up to a large adult.

The compact frame allowed by the small wheel design also allows a low-step-over, while the compact design provides excellent ergonomics and functionality for two people. It also enables the tandem to be easily converted into a single bike for child and freight carrying by removing the stoker seat post and handlebar a special rack designed to accept two child seats, multiple panniers or large luggage sacks can be installed.

While such remarkable versatility was foremost in the design agenda, Circe also wanted a bike that could perform at the highest level. Consequently, the frame design and geometry have been optimised for weight and performance such that the Helios also makes an excellent sports and touring bike.

Helios tandems can be ordered complete as the models shown or as a Frame + build-kit so that we can customise the complete build to further suit your needs.

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  1. Helios Duo Tandem

    Helios Duo Tandem


    Great all rounder tandem Learn More
  2. Helios Omnis Tandem

    Helios Omnis Tandem


    Suited for light touring internal gears great for changing gear when stationery Learn More
  3. Helios Omnis Plus Tandem

    Helios Omnis Plus Tandem


    The Plus version has Disc brake upgrade and 27 gears Learn More
  4. Helios Brut Tandem

    Helios Brut Tandem


    Has the rear seat replaced with a rack or child seat great for additional use Learn More
  5. Helios Auster Tandem

    Helios Auster Tandem


    The Auster is the lightweight sports Helios spec'ed for fast sports or audax riding. Learn More
  6. Helios Aurora Tandem

    Helios Aurora Tandem


    Rohloff 14sp hub gear, and a spec optimised for heavy duty touring or sports use. Learn More
  7. Frame shown built with duo specification

    Helios Frame + build kit


    Aluminum Frame - shown built with Duo Spec. Learn More
  8. Child Seat Mount

    Child Seat Mount


    Child seat mount, fits Co Pilot child seats, rack will take two childseats

    Learn More
  9. Pannier Support

    Pannier Support


    The pannier supports can be fitted to either the front or rear of the rack, and hold the panniers away from the cranks and wheel

    Learn More

9 Item(s)

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